Monday, October 4, 2010

Street Style?

I have to say that one overwhelming part of fashion week is the fashion blog explosion. EVERYONE has a fashion blog, and EVERYONE is on the street taking pictures of people and fashion they think are interesting. They say art and beauty is in the eye of the beholder - well some of the beholders are coming off the rails.

I'll give you an example:

I went to this african drum class (yes, african drum class) in the Marais, and walked out with my sweaty gross workout regalia. I was wearing a black tank top, soaked with sweat, light blue nylon exercise shorts, orange socks from the day before, and the easiest footwear to take on and off - my awesome Esquivel leather boots.

I stepped out into the cool Parisian air, and was almost immediately approached by a guy and girl team, telling me in decent English that they're doing a project on street style and they'd like to take my picture. Confused and embarrassed, I agreed, and as the photographer raised his camera he said over and over "great style, great style".


Is this what "stylish" has come to?

I can put together the most uncoordinated outfit - LITERALLY - soaked in sweat, and this is stylish.

People have lost sight of style and the idea of originality. Now, the most obnoxious, unmatched, bizarre outfit is what people aspire to wear. Just look at any of the hipster photo blogs - blue socks, red pants, white glasses, ironic vintage tshirt, grandpa sweater, and shoes purchased from ebay. The funny thing is that people with no real eye for style or fashion are now fashionable by default - their inability to match puts them on top.

I bet it helps if you're color-blind.

In fact, Stevie Wonder would be the most fashionable dude on the block, were he to roam the streets today.

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