Monday, February 22, 2010

Here there here there...

I've been living on planes.

NY fashion week was a blast but EXHAUSTING. The blizzard hit the night I landed, and apparently I was on the last flight from LAX>JFK for 2 days. It was ridiculous.

The next morning I awoke to nearly completely white-out conditions. Schools were closed, streets were empty, and Central Park was full.

Snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels, snowboarding. WHAT?

Yes, snowboarding in Central Park.

And not just one, many. Groups of boarders with full gear walked into the park, found the largest hill or rock, and climbed up. Strapped on the board, took off down the hill, did the jump, and repeat.

Sure, it was a short run. Sure it was probably pretty dangerous. But shit, how fun is that??

So I'm in LA now, and it's considerably warmer. I enjoyed some sun at the beach, and have been catching up on sleep.

I'm shooting Tori Spelling's 3rd book cover on Wednesday (did the first 2), and then I get to start packing. Again.

Of course I can't complain - I'm going to Paris. But until then, I'm certainly enjoying sleeping in.

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  1. Hi Mike.
    My name is Catarina and I'm from Azores, Portugal.
    I first saw your work in America's Next Top Model, where I look for ideas to my own pictures and I was amazed with the water shoot in cycle ... well, I can't remember now.
    So I wrote down your name and found your website. Your portfolio blew my mind, I loved each of your portraits and outdoors pictures.
    You truly are a inspiration to me.
    Congratulations on you amazing work.